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Quantum Mechanics

A Massive Leap In Emissions Reduction Technology


Quantum Physics

A2N Technology – How it Works:


  • Electromagnetic Frequencies Oscillate from a Conductive Medium


  • The “Skin Effect” Induces an Additional Charge Concentration


  • Simultaneously Lowering the “Voltage Breakdown Point” of Ambient Air


  • The Result – The Breaking of O2 and N2 Chemical Bonds  


  • The Following General Reaction Occurs (not exact) to Ambient Air - O2 decreased / N2 increased: 10 O2 + 10 N2 —> 2 NO + 9 O2 + 9 N2


Electromagnetic Wave_WEB USE_1.jpg


A2N Functions Analogously to an EGR System (though more practical, economical and functional, with NO Moving Parts) i.e., ensures that the air-to-fuel (A/F) ratio—or more specifically the oxygen-to-fuel (O/F) ratio is lowered to a point that allows the engine operating conditions to meet performance and emissions objectives and that the total mass of oxygen trapped in the cylinders is appropriate for the fuel injection quantity


The introduction of this enriched nitrogen oxide in the air/fuel mixture of the internal combustion engine will cause the temperature in the intake manifold and engine cylinder to drop, causing a denser air charge.


As a result, a greater air mass of oxygen and nitrogen can fit into the same volumetric space of the combustion chamber. The Result is increased combustion efficiency i.e., reduced emissions, reduced fuel consumption and increased power (torque and Hp).


The described process occurs naturally in the upper atmosphere during lightning storms. A2N has modeled the technology after “mother nature”.


Note: The A2N Converter ring which is placed inside of the air intake pathway (hose or pipe) achieves this process without creating “sparks or glow” and draws less than 1 ampere of power from the vehicles electrical architecture.


Radio Frequencies:


A2N technology uses varying bandwidth combinations which are proprietary.

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A2N Technology Works on "All" Internal Combustion Engines (ICE), With "All" Fuel Types

Tested on the Best Equipment By the Biggest Companies in the World
Delphi Technologies.png
Metro Group AG.png
Delphi Technologies - 83% reduction in NOX
Kohler Engines - 53% reduction in Tetra Hydrocarbons (THC)
Intertek/Metro Group AG - 30% - 50% reduction in NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, HC, PM 2.5
CARB Passed - Diesel & Gasoline 
Testing Data Available Upon Request
Fuel Savings: (estimated averages)
Cars, SUVs etc. 6%
Semi-Trucks, Buses etc. 6% - 12% (Short vs. Long Haul)
Heavy Equipment (Excavators, Crushers, Dozers, Dumpers, Cranes, Gen-sets, Pumps etc.) 15% - 25%
Rail & Marine 15% - 25%
A2N Can Also Significantly Reduce Emissions From Coal-Fired Power Plants,  Industrial Incinerators and, Ultimately Commercial Aviation
A2N Technology is U.S. Patented With Global Patents Pending
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