Air2Nitrous™ Technology Means Fewer Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regenerations

Air2Nitrous™ works equally effective with passive and active regeneration. It is NOT affected by climatic changes nor extreme working conditions with uninterrupted operations or under low load circumstances. Complicated diagnostics measures to ensure a DPF is working properly will be simplified. Hence steps such as delaying the main fuel injection phase, adding a post injection phase or reducing air-to-fuel ratios can be averted or done with much less frequency, thereby prolonging said peripherals useful working life.




Air2Nitrous™ technology ‘reduces mobile and manual regenerations’ because the engine is combusting at higher temperatures, which burns off particulate matter (PM) at a higher percentage. As a result soot output; cleaning intervals and periodic maintenance are greatly reduced. This reduces the risk of damaging expensive filters thereby decreasing the need to purchase new filters. The upshot is increased savings to the end user as each filters useful working life is extended considerably, thereby reducing the number of filter regenerations and outright filter changes. This equates to substantial savings over the fleets or machineries lifetime.

Air2Nitrous™ technology offers great savings to the owner throughout the life of the vehicle or machinery. The technology improves fuel economy, improves engine reliability as it achieves optimal combustion temperatures thereby reducing engine impurities. Air2Nitrous™ greatly reduces emissions commencing upstream, resulting in optimized regeneration cycles, which means less down time and thus fewer maintenance cycles. All of which equates to enormous savings for the owner.









Air2Nitrous™ technology allows engine manufacturers and qualified end users to *recalibrate load control systems for better particulate filtration. The reason is because Air2Nitrous™ technology significantly reduces soot output and other harmful emissions, whether used as a standalone device or in conjunction with SCR and EGR systems. With Air2Nitrous™ technology you will experience more time on the road and burn less fuel resulting in improved regenerations cycles.

Air2Nitrous™ technology on ‘start-upeliminates the need for ‘light-up’ times, as the technology is active upon ignition. No special burners required; it is instantaneous.

*NOTE: Any recalibration of load control systems for better particulate filtration after installing Air2Nitrous™ technology must be homologated by qualified entities such as engine manufacturers, emissions control companies or other responsible parties capable of performing said diagnostics. They should be equipped with simulation tools for optimizing calibration and able to predict the efficiency of exhaust-gas aftertreatment.