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Eddy is the Chairman & CTO of Air2Nitrous. He is an industrial engineer by profession where he earned his BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Santo Tomas and he earned his MBA from the University of Akron, Akron Ohio. Upon returning to the Philippines and starting a very successful business career. He discovered Air2Nitrous technology in 2007. He is the major shareholder and the technology expert. He is President & CEO, of Hicor Manufacturing Corporation, which is the sole licensee in the Philippines of a specialized German printing technology; Hicor also produces high quality rubber moldings for the maritime industry. He is also President & CEO, of Sincere Construction and Development Corporation, which specializes in the deployment of Life Safety Equipment such as sprinkler systems for high-rise buildings among other alarm systems etc. His family was formally the sole distributor for Black and Decker in the Philippines with over two hundred outlets (they have since sold this business unit). He belongs to several prestigious Business Organizations: Anvil Business Club, Honorary Chairman, Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FFCCCII), Executive Director, Management Association of the Philippines (MAP), member, Rotary Club of Bagumbayan, Manila member. Eddy is married with two grown children and speaks Tagalog, Mandarin, and English.

Mick is an Australian citizen who started his working life in the military (Navy) where he learned skills such as self-discipline, leadership and management. Upon leaving the military, Mick used his skills to gain corporate experience. He has been involved in a number of green technologies over the last 18 years. He has taken them from a good invention through to commercialization. Two of the technologies became multi- million USD businesses. One business was a leading road construction technology. Caterpillar signed a global representation agreement with the group and invested low seven figures into the business. He has since been involved in an innovative green technology to replace harsh chemicals such as xylene and toluene in the transportation of crude oil along the pipeline. Companies such as PETRONAS are currently using the technology. Mick has been with this project since 2011. Mick has excellent skills in planning and strategic direction and has excellent written and interpersonal skills. Mick is married with one young child.

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Room 513  Block A, WOLCITY NO. 31 | Lane 2419 Hunan Road Pudong, Shanghai | 201204 | China

Tel: +86 139 1724 2341

Fax: +86 21 5010 1754

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Legal Disclaimer (法律免责声明):

Air2Nitrous™ (A2N) technology can reduce emissions, save fuel and increase engine torque and Hp. However, exact percentages per user may vary depending upon a myriad of reasons, including but not limited to: engine age, engine condition, fuel variety and variances, whether equipped engine has other existing emissions technology in place, driver habits and any other condition(s) or specific application(s) which may cause a uniqueness of use.


The achieved reduction percentages represented in this document reflect the varying capability of A2N technology and may-or-may-not prove similar to your equipment. The referenced testing is from results obtained through various OEM and laboratory testing. All testing has been conducted in accordance with various global emissions standards and cycles such as WHTC, ISO: 8178 (8-Mode), FTP-75 & US-06 etc. and mostly conducted on AVL and HORIBA MEXA testing and analysis equipment.


The only way to know exact percentage reductions for your engines or fleets is to conduct your own tests and field trials using Air2Nitrous™ modules as results will vary from manufacturer-to-manufacturer or company-to-company or end-user-to-end-user.


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