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Eddy is a Pilipino citizen and Chairman & Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Air2Nitrous and was Mr. Evangelista’s original business partner. He is an industrial engineer and MBA by profession. He discovered Air2Nitrous technology in 2007. He is the major shareholder and the technology expert behind A2N. He is President & CEO, of Hicor Manufacturing Corporation, which is the sole licensee in the Philippines of a specialized German and Japanese printing technology; Hicor also produces high quality rubber moldings for the maritime industry. He is also President & CEO, of Sincere Construction and Development Corporation, which specializes in the deployment of Life Safety Equipment such as sprinkler systems for high-rise buildings among other alarm systems etc. His family was formally the sole distributor for Black and Decker in the Philippines with over two-hundred outlets (they have since sold the business unit). He is one of the most shrewd businessmen around and a serial entrepreneur. He belongs to several prestigious Business Organizations: Anvil Business Club, Honorary Chairman, Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FFCCCII), Executive Director, Management Association of the Philippines (MAP), member of the Rotary Club of Bagumbayan, Manila. Eddy is married with two grown children and speaks Tagalog, Mandarin, and English.


Eduardo “Eddy” Cobankiat

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Ed is a U.S. citizen and President of Air2Nitrous. He has been residing in China since 1992 where he operates a successful security and risk management business. He is a highly driven and self-motivated individual able to adapt to difficult situations at a moment’s notice. This ability has seen him work on behalf of major multinational companies assisting them to solve highly complex regulatory and risk management issues related to doing business in China. An entrepreneur at heart, he has been involved in the commercialization of “Green” inventions with one from start-up through to a multi-million-dollar business. He first learned of Air2Nitrous in 2010 but joined full-time in 2012. Due to his background in risk management he conducted extensive and in-depth research into Air2Nitrous technology and competing “Aftertreatment” systems. His due diligence has afforded the A2N team with the knowledge to understand how truly special A2Ns technological offering is when compared to traditional “Aftertreatment” systems. Only after he became convinced that Air2Nitrous is the emissions technology of “today and tomorrow” did he dedicate his life to the commercialization of Air2Nitrous. His mission today is to improve the world we live in by cleaning up global emissions as emitted from Internal Combustion Engines and Coal-Fired Power Plants. He attended Morehouse College majoring in Philosophy and International Relations. He graduated from the Beijing Physical Education University, majoring in Sports Science with a concentration in Tai Qi Quan. He is also very active in the Shanghai business community as a member of the German, Australian and U.S. Chambers of Commerce. Ed is married with two young children and speaks fluent French, Mandarin, and English.


Edwin “Ed” Nichols


MIck is an Australian citizen and Vice President of Air2Nitrous. He  started his working life with the Australian Navy where he learned skills such as self-discipline, leadership and management. After more than 20 years of military service he retired honorably from the Navy. During his tenure he was cited numerous times for his exemplary accomplishments. He was in constant contact with senior officers and visiting foreign dignitaries responsible for matters of protocol. After retiring from the military he used his skills to gain corporate experience. He has been involved in a number of “Green” technologies over the last 18 years. He has taken them from a good invention through to commercialization. Two of the technologies became multi-million USD businesses with one being sold to a listed company. He has since been involved in other innovative “Green” technologies to replace harsh chemicals such as and toluene in the transportation of crude oil along the pipeline. Companies such as PETRONAS are currently using the technology. Mick has been with Air2Nitrous since 2012 and has made it his life’s mission to see that A2N becomes the product of choice around the world to lower overall global emissions from Internal Combustion Engines and Coal-Fired Power plants. Mick has excellent skills in planning, strategic direction as well as interpersonal skills. His one-on-one people skills are ‘second to none’ making him one of the best ‘networkers’ around. Mick is married with one young child.

Vice President

Micheal “Mick” Craddock


Brian is a U.S. citizen and in charge of restructuring and streamlining  A2Ns manufacturing operations. He earned a bachelor’s degree of science from California State University Fullerton in Bio which included studies in Bio-Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics. He has manufacturing expertise in China with a complete range of experience with setting up manufacturing facilities from start to finish. Recognized for his ability to identify continuous change actions to reduce cost, enhance quality, and increase margins. He has supervised, managed and owned factories with responsibilities in financial reporting, planning, forecasting, information systems, ERP & MRP implementation, Chinese labor law, Capital Investment, sales/marketing and general ledger. The experience of setting up, owning, and operating a WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise) in China, has given him keen insights. His company which was based in Shenzhen China, specialized in the manufacture of electronic components, such as passport readers for 3M and other componentry for many major multinationals. He eventually sold his company to a large competitor. His experience has provided him with a wealth of knowledge consisting of where China was, where it is going and ideas about how to achieve success in the coming years. He has been working with A2N for over a year after conducting a lengthy and scientific based due diligence approach to Air2Nitrous technology. His science background has allowed him to gain deep insight into how A2N technology actually works. This is a feat few have been able to achieve. With this knowledge he understands how revolutionary A2N technology truly is and has become an invaluable member to the A2N team. He is also currently a principle partner in the development of new hotel chain in the USA and Asia, in addition to an up-and-coming search engine based in Silicon Valley. The search engine is set to rival its nearest competitors, providing complete security and anonymity to all users. The first Hotel is currently being built in Las Vegas. Brian has a working knowledge of the Mandarin language and is married with one child.


Brian Lewis


Sarahis a U.S. citizen who started her career at P&G China in 1991. In addition to working with and launching products for J&J, such as Acuvue she also launched P&Gs Tide Detergent, hair care lines, and many other products. She also led teams supporting Fortune 500 companies (Pepsi, J&J, Philips, Coke, Kraft/Mondelez, HSBC, Ford, IHG, L’Oreal, etc.), to develop and implement innovation strategies and to drive critical product development efforts. A frequent speaker on innovation and market trends, Sarah is also an active community volunteer. She regularly supports the entrepreneurship programs at Hult and Jiaotong Antai Business School. She is co-founder and co-chair of the Women’s Executive Network (WEN) for AmCham Shanghai, and a former AmCham Shanghai Board of Director member. She serves as a board advisor and mentor for several local SMEs, and has served on the steering committee of TEDx Shanghai Women for the past several years. She, also co-founded and now serves as an advisor to the Wellesley Club of Shanghai (her alma mater) and sits on the annual gala board for Chunhui Children’s Foundation. She is very “Green” orientated and has been working with A2N for two years identifying suitable business partners and sources of capital to help expand the business. She has been interviewed many times by multiple media sources and is widely recognized as one of the most successful female consultants in China. Sarah is fluent in Mandarin and single.


Sarah Kochling


is a German citizen with a background in mathematics and has been working with A2N for over one year. He is A2Ns European associate based in Germany. He brings a wealth of C-Suite corporate experience to the A2N team. He has over 30 years’ of experience in M&A, financing, international industry and business. He has previously served as the Managing Director of both Sony and Toshiba, Germany. He was also the COO of a EUR 2-billion telecom company which was a subsidiary of Vodafone. He has a broad Network to international decision makers in many different industries worldwide. In addition, he has his pilot’s license and when he is not busy brokering business deals he enjoys flying around the Hawaiian islands where he vacations every summer. Henri speaks fluent English and German, he is married and has two grown children.


Heinrich “Henri” J. Kraus


Yu is a Shanghai native. His career in the marine industry spans over 20 years. He is a graduate of the Shanghai Maritime Institute, with a degree in Electrical Automation. He also has a degree from the Nanjing Army Command Academy in Economic Management. Throughout his career he has served in various roles in the commercial shipping industry from ships Electrical Supervisor to the ships Chief Engineer. He was also the ships Political Commissar for the China Shipping Group from “1995-2016”. Like all of the A2N team he is an “entrepreneur at heart” owning a dairy farm on the Shanghai island of Chongming with a few hundred head of cattle. Understanding how much ships pollute the environment he is dedicated to seeing that A2N becomes the norm as an emissions reduction technology for the commercial shipping industry. Yu Wei speaks Mandarin and Shanghainese, he is married and has one teenage child.

Chief Engineer, China

Yu Wei


James is a British citizen and has worked for 8 years in Asian capital markets in London before moving to China in 1994. He has been in change leadership roles since then. After obtaining his MBA he focused on automotive and M&A involving private equity investees. From 2004 to 2008 he led Supplier Development in Greater China for BMW and became an expert in supply chain operations. In 2009 he established Ventual Limited as a specialist advisory for China's automotive and cleantech supply chain enterprises and private equity investors. He continues to live in China and is in the process of completing his Ph.D. James speaks fluent Mandarin and English, he is married with two children.


James Greener

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